Warm And Stylish

Designers always manage to make friends beauty and practicality - and sweaters best example. Warm knitted coming winter pleases the palette of colors and noble artistic decor that easily converts into a cozy sweater grandma's evening dress. So my 12 favorites for the cold season (do not forget that the Moscow winter lasts until April, so the more sweaters -Themes better).
Printbloking Twin-set Simona Barbieri
Sweater, like a layered cake filled with diaper - something extremely effective, especially if you choose the option with caramel leopard spots and flower buds. You can even wear next to the skin, even for silk dresses - in any case it will be warm!
Aristocratic Blue by Hugo Boss
Long jumper admiral sea color, slightly tinted graphite gray tone will elegant alternative to boring office jacket, and if you wear this sweater with long shiny skirt and wrap the neck fur boas, it will develop a chic evening look.
Goose foot M arc C Ain
Classic print, popularized by Christian Dior, has not lost its relevance on any invoices - even on a soft wool. Polusportivny cut encouraged that allows you to wear a sweater in houndstooth with jeans and a pencil skirt. Incidentally, not necessarily black.
Alpine classic M assimo D Utti
Warm sweater with embroidered zigzag and snowflakes created just for long evenings by the fire somewhere in the alpine chalet. But also for the weekend in a city park or at the rink is also very useful. To give dendistky accent, worn over a sweater suspenders.
Naughty Snowmen N ext
 Polupizhamnaya blouse with sweetest snowmen really universal thing - in that you can walk to visit the most or best friends to take guests to wear to breakfast at a cafe or a democratic self sdelat for New Year greetings!
Love maroon S pringfield
Clothing with hearts has long ceased to be the privilege of youth. Therefore, this romantic cardigan is recommended for all sentimental ladies and lovers of hot mulled wine shade - it warms in any frost.
Crystal Bee Luisa Cerano
You can forget about the necklace, beads and brooches - now sparkling stones scattered directly on the modest ashen cashmere course, take care of this elegant knitwear is not easy, but made no such things every day and for special occasions when you want to look like a doll, but do not freeze.
Scarlet abstraction L acoste
This sweater-flash resembles modernist paintings and, for all its brevity - slozhnosochinennye thing. Two shades of fiery red and ask dopolnitobraz red lipstick and high collar eliminates even the slightest risk of colds and coughs.
Scottish graph L EVIS
Legendary British fair isle pattern succumbed modern transformation and has even similar to Digital print, but the tradition is the same guessed. This restrained and colorful cardigan layered organic supplement kit from top and cardigan or jersey dress with voluminous scarf.
Dramatic baroque Via delle perle
Lush baroque style still reigns fashionable ball, and floral prints a la bowl Palace moved even knitwear. Elegant garnet jumper with a bouquet of peonies looks even more tempting than a translucent blouse. And warmer.
Glaze C Alvin K Lei n J eans
Chief denim planet does not get tired to amaze with their decorative ideas - shades of denim jumper covered shimmering layer of glaze that gives the image of futuristic, even cosmic mood. Interesting details of cut - on the back of jacket length, and the belly open.
Colorful asymmetry Tommy H ilfiger
Special order for fashionistas with a sense of humor - if you are deprived of conservatism, feel free to wear a white sweater, like Tom Sawyer painted in blue and blue. Original design prank, not devoid of common sense - warm and stylish!