Chic and Elegance Houston.

Chic and elegance 50s became relevant and in demand than ever, thanks largely to a new generation of talented Russian designers. Style a la Rus gaining more admirers. This new level of elegance, when the dress does not require accessories, it is appropriate in almost any situation, creates a sense of comfort and a private immense appeal. Yulia Prokhorova ( Beloe Zoloto ) declared itself the first collection. Two years ago, Julia won the competition for young designers Lime Fashion and in July of this year, opened the third mono-brand store Beloe Zoloto by Yulia Prokhorova in central Moscow.
M .: - Why did you start your career, when you realize that to be a designer - it is your calling? What prompted you to this?
Julia: - How many can remember, from early childhood, I have always sketching, invented dresses, skirts. This was my favorite pastime. A lot of sewing dresses for my dolls, could spend hours messing around with a piece of cloth. When it became older, start to sew things for themselves, something simple to alter, to add individuality. After high school, there was already a serious and deliberate dream of creating their own brand. I wanted to create a very feminine things that make girls really soft and feminine.
Surprisingly, many of the products we otshivaem now, created by my school sketches. I've always been close style new-look and is not afraid to seem immodest, but our brand, one of the first to set the fashion in this direction. It's a shame that now so many fakes and copies of our products, forge even our trademark. This is the flip side of success, but so far I can not get used to the fact that we are one of the most popular designer brands in Russia. I just live, doing things you love and happy about the fact that thousands of women make happy all over the world.
M .: - Julia, please tell us what you draw inspiration from?
Julia: - I am inspired by travel and people. These are the main sources of inspiration.
M .: - in your summer collection is a place of wedding dresses, and, fortunately, they are not trivial. What do you think of modern wedding fashion?
Julia: - Never liked the traditional wedding dress, I'm always for individuality and self expression. Wedding direction we have just started to learn, very much hope that in the near future we will please our girls complete collection.
M .: - Julia, your career began with the competition of young designers. Winning the competition really gives good head start?
Julia: - To be honest, it does not give anything. Only faith in yourself, hard work and daily work on yourself will not make a long wait and necessarily lead to success!
M .: - You called your brand Beloe Zoloto, is very poetic name for a clothing brand. Tell us how it was born?
Julia: - It is still a secret that we do not disclose)
M .: - How interesting when secrets are opened immediately. The interior of your shopping dips into the atmosphere bright and contemporary castle for a princess. In an era of fast-fashion, hipsters and Normcore who they are your princess?
Julia: - My princess can be any girl or woman, it is of any age and physique similar characteristics. Distinguishes our heroine only one thing - an incredible femininity, gentleness and desire to be a real woman that comes from within!
M: - Thank you, Julia!