What fashion does Jennifer Lopez is adaptive to?

Jennifer Lynn Lopez is one of those celebrities that are known for their multitalnt approach in Hollywood. Not only an actress, producer, singer, author, dancer she is but also a fashion designer. She is a true diva, and a lot of people follow her style statement. Jennifer Lopez’s fashion statement has truly evolved as she grew from a block girl to the fashion dive of not only America but all across the globe. Jennifer’s fashion career started when she was first found caring gorgeously the 90’s look with the normal wild curls on the music scene in Los Angeles. She continued to dress up stunningly, and soon it became impossible to not to appreciate her jaw-dropping style statement. It was at the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards which were held on February 23rd, 2000, that even though she didn’t win any award that night, but was on the headlines of tons of channels. The famous singer/actress was beautifully caring the Versa gown. It is said to be one of her daring and boldest look EVER!!
J. Lo’s Style
jennifer lopez beautifully caring her hot pink dress
Jennifer Lopez launched her very own company, which is basically a company of clothes and trendy accessories, in April 2001 publically. This company ‘J.Lo’ is a huge success, and a great source of fashion knowledge.

The style icon

Jennifer Lopez has always given a brand new style and has always been successful in adapting fashion that is both sophisticated as well as elegantly styled. Whether it’s a gorgeous side cutout gown or a casual Flare Jeans, a Vivienne Westwood Top or a bright Orange Valentino, Jennifer Lopez has always managed to maintain her image as the Style icon.

Jennifer Lopez, whether on-screen or off-screen, never fails to impress the viewers from her style statement. She has taken the styling of the famous TV show ‘American Idol’ to a whole new level. There has not been a single episode, where the viewers are not impressed by the dressing sense she has. When it comes to fashion sense, this lady deserves a 10 on 10. From her heels to her hair styles, things seem so perfect when worn by this beautiful celebrity, Jennifer Lopez.
jennifer lopez at the Jimmy kimmel Studio

Jennifer Lopez’s style has itself changed and evolved a lot over the past years, and made her recognized as the world wide style queen. The superstar Jennifer has evolved from the Lopez from the block to the stunning Jennifer Lopez.
jennifer lopez on sets of popular TV show 'American Idol'

Recent looks of Jennifer Lopez

In 2014, at the American music awards, Lopez beautifully wore the hot Reem Acra dress that became the headline of the overall event.
jennifer lopez on the red carpet of the Golden Globe Awards

In 2015, at the nickelodeon’s kids Choice Awards, Jennifer wore a white mini-dress with matching white Jimmy Choo stilettos. Her this look got famous in all her fans. Few months later, on the red carpet of China: Through The Looking Glass, she carried beautifully the dragon themed Versace gown, red colored.

Not only that, at the tony awards she beautifully managed to impress her fans by her traditional look when she wore a navy blue Valentino that had sequin additions.

Latest Fashion Updates - Spring 2016

Latest Fashion Updates - Spring 2016
Fashion always has been and will forever be an ever changing field in our society. New styles, trends, patterns, colors; They are always right around the corner waiting to be discovered. As spring makes its entrance this year, we are seeing individuals seize the opportunity to wear bold and colorful prints, thus allowing to embrace the personality within.
Latest Fashion Updates - Spring 2016
Many stylists today are taking advantage of mixing and matching pieces, whether it be a bold color with a dainty print, or even two separate and powerful prints meshing together into sweet harmony. It can be quite an eye opener when two completely different prints that you would normally never put together combine and become something truly beautiful and unique. It is also always great to play with statement jewelry when it comes to your look. A great earring or necklace can make a color or design you try really pop, and tie everything together into a fine piece of art.
Latest Fashion Updates - Spring 2016
Keeping up with the latest fashion craze and trend can be tough. By making sure you continuously embrace your own individual personality, it can always help you stand out in the crowd, and you will look good doing so, too!

Fashion Historian Alexandre Vassiliev

December 3 GUM opens new exhibition from the collection of fashion historian Alexandre Vassiliev. To some extent this is already becoming a good New Year's eve tradiiey. A year ago, the country's main department store said a triumphant anniversary exhibition "120 years of fashion in GUM", which attracted a record number of visitors. At this time, we will see "Star Closet" - a hundred evening dresses and stage the brightest stars of cinema, theater, pop music over the last 70 years.
Movie stars and queens scene, opera and ballet prima diva, TV presenters and queen of pop has always set the tone in fashion, affecting the taste of millions of women. Immutable style icons of the first half of the twentieth century were Alice UNC, Lyubov Orlova, Olga Lepeshinskaya, Lydia Smirnova, Clara Lucky, Nani Bregvadze, Lyudmila Gurchenko, Maya Plisetskaya, Elena Obraztsova, Tatiana Shmyga, Alla Pugacheva and Sofia Rotaru. A style icon of the 1980s have become pop stars Lyme Vajkule and Irina Ponarovskaya and post-perestroika years perfectly expressed Larisa Dolina, Alain Sviridov, Irina Allegrova, Masha Rasputina, the group "combination" and "Mirage". In the 2000s, they went up on the fashion Olympus Natalia Vodianova, Anna Netrebko, Lolita, Angelika Varum, Vera Brezhnev and Ani Lorak. List actually large. Natalia Fateev and Helena Velikanova, Christina Aguilera and Valeria ... Movies and magazines, postcards and posters with their image and the alphabet of fashion. Women all over the country awaited the appearance on the screen or on the stage of their idols, and then copied them new styling, make-up, cut and color of the dress, a hat and shoe model.
Every fashionista wants to look in the closet of their idols, to see what they are wearing, whether capricious fashion trends and how brands favored. Fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev gives the opportunity for everyone, presenting on the 1st line of GUM a unique exhibition "Star Closet", which included things from his famous collection of historical costume. The exhibition will include evening and stage outfits belonging to the stars of cinema, theater, stage and television last decades.
Among the gems of the collection crimson cocktail dress made of nylon Clara Lucky, in which she shone in 1955 at the Cannes Film Festival, presenting a picture of "The Return of Vasili Bortnikov." Because of the color and volume attire European paparazzi nicknamed him the "red bomb". It is impossible to ignore the ensemble of printed silk with ruffles from the wardrobe of Maya Plisetskaya, donated her personally Pierre Cardin, of which she was a muse for many years. It is in this suit in 1991. Maya Mikhailovna received the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts from the hands of the king of Spain. A special place in the exhibition is prima costume Evg. Vakhtangov Yulia Borisova. This dress actress played the role of the Polish singer Helena's legendary play "Warsaw Melody" directed by Ruben Simonov. It is sewn of velvet and decorated with fragments of bead embroidery, filmed with an old shawl.
The collection includes two dresses from the wardrobe Natalia Fateev, in one of which she shone at the Moscow International Film Festival in 1961 and in 1975. Dress made of taffeta and velvet fuchsia originally belonged to actress Lyudmila Maksakova, who later gave it to his girlfriend - actress Natalia Selezneva for the filming of "zucchini" 13 chairs "." The climax of the exhibition will be the dress that belonged to two main opera divas of our time. The luxurious creation of Oscar de la Renta Anna Netrebko appeared at the Vienna Ball in 2011, conquered the demanding Viennese public. In a dress by Igor Chapurin, incurring an emerald silk cloud plume Hibla Gerzmava came on the scene native Musical Theater of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko, presenting solo program at the festival "Queen of Opera."

Chic and Elegance Houston.

Chic and elegance 50s became relevant and in demand than ever, thanks largely to a new generation of talented Russian designers. Style a la Rus gaining more admirers. This new level of elegance, when the dress does not require accessories, it is appropriate in almost any situation, creates a sense of comfort and a private immense appeal. Yulia Prokhorova ( Beloe Zoloto ) declared itself the first collection. Two years ago, Julia won the competition for young designers Lime Fashion and in July of this year, opened the third mono-brand store Beloe Zoloto by Yulia Prokhorova in central Moscow.
M .: - Why did you start your career, when you realize that to be a designer - it is your calling? What prompted you to this?
Julia: - How many can remember, from early childhood, I have always sketching, invented dresses, skirts. This was my favorite pastime. A lot of sewing dresses for my dolls, could spend hours messing around with a piece of cloth. When it became older, start to sew things for themselves, something simple to alter, to add individuality. After high school, there was already a serious and deliberate dream of creating their own brand. I wanted to create a very feminine things that make girls really soft and feminine.
Surprisingly, many of the products we otshivaem now, created by my school sketches. I've always been close style new-look and is not afraid to seem immodest, but our brand, one of the first to set the fashion in this direction. It's a shame that now so many fakes and copies of our products, forge even our trademark. This is the flip side of success, but so far I can not get used to the fact that we are one of the most popular designer brands in Russia. I just live, doing things you love and happy about the fact that thousands of women make happy all over the world.
M .: - Julia, please tell us what you draw inspiration from?
Julia: - I am inspired by travel and people. These are the main sources of inspiration.
M .: - in your summer collection is a place of wedding dresses, and, fortunately, they are not trivial. What do you think of modern wedding fashion?
Julia: - Never liked the traditional wedding dress, I'm always for individuality and self expression. Wedding direction we have just started to learn, very much hope that in the near future we will please our girls complete collection.
M .: - Julia, your career began with the competition of young designers. Winning the competition really gives good head start?
Julia: - To be honest, it does not give anything. Only faith in yourself, hard work and daily work on yourself will not make a long wait and necessarily lead to success!
M .: - You called your brand Beloe Zoloto, is very poetic name for a clothing brand. Tell us how it was born?
Julia: - It is still a secret that we do not disclose)
M .: - How interesting when secrets are opened immediately. The interior of your shopping dips into the atmosphere bright and contemporary castle for a princess. In an era of fast-fashion, hipsters and Normcore who they are your princess?
Julia: - My princess can be any girl or woman, it is of any age and physique similar characteristics. Distinguishes our heroine only one thing - an incredible femininity, gentleness and desire to be a real woman that comes from within!
M: - Thank you, Julia!

Cabaret Style on Stage and in Life

Mila rocket soloist team
"Mila rocket and Cabaret Orchestra Re-Noir".
OK: What is needed for such a wardrobe scenic image as Carara?
MR: We are all stylized. Basically, neo-retro (very fashionable style now) This - some elements of retro, recycled from the point of view of a contemporary look. So beautiful, but sometimes a hell of eclecticism. At the same time - it is clear allusions, references to styles over the years. If this is the 40th, it is - dresses to the knee. If the 50s, it is - Christian Dior "New Look", boats, large flowers. If it's 70, it's a flare. If the 20s, the Great Gatsby-style, with a low waist and so on. But as a rule, we all dilute some modern details. Suppose the elements 40hh years or 50-xx, but at the same time, avant-garde hats in the style of Thierry Mugler.
OK: 70 - is the latest retro? Up to 80 you have not sunk?
MP:   In the 80s we were already present here on this earth. Younger people believe that the 80s - a retro, for us it is - the actual material. But I, for one, hate the culture of the 80s.
OK: Why? What particularly annoys you in it?
MR: I have my own attitude to these latest trends ... In fact, thank God, is not the last! Fashion for style 80s and early 90s, this whole "Electroclash" ... All these bands sound like a group of A-to retirement! I at that time was not very many years, but I can not stand all these updo, bombers and rolled jeans ... And here's ethics here sneakers "old-school" New Balance. And also, pink tights and these swimsuits ... like a model, which led aerobics ... Like it? Cindy Crawford? That she was in good health! While I understand that this is - a certain side of pop culture, fashionable at the moment, but I do not like it. Therefore, in the style of the 80s, we still do not work. Although, now iPhones and iPads, as well as in the "Macs" many programs that you can download from ICloud for 99 rubles! C such sounds of the '80s, that in general, then this kind of music can already write each.
OK: And where you take all these wonderful little things, which then appear on the scene?
MR: Different ... much I give. Because I have a familiar fashion, good and famous who are working in this style. Elena Suprun, for example, which has exclusive embroidery, silk and so on. In the style of 20s. This is - in general - high fashion. She also had a collection of a few years ago - in the style 50hh - New Look. She knows how to do it, because it is very fond of the female figure. She sewed for me a few pieces modeley- 7-8. They were enough to put my whole team.
Some things I buy, because they caught my eye. I do not really look at the brand - as long as they fit in style. Some buy in Lithuania, second-hand. Lithuania - a general European stock! They sell the cheapest car and the cheapest clothes. And where you can buy what you want. Some buy abroad, but a very small percentage. Because if things are good, they are very expensive. In England, you can buy a feature bald, if you know where and to come to the sale in December. Flora McLean even happen. This - this ... the famous English designer. She oochen dear, but I know where to buy it cheap. But will not tell anyone ...
OK: What you could arsenal of stage wear in everyday life?
MR: I understand that my stage clothes and my images are pretty radical, but in theory, they fit me in everyday life. That is, if there is a mood and some party, I can put any item of his stage wardrobe. I can - from head to toe, and I can - some details. I have absolutely not killed and vast wardrobe. There are clothes in every styles. From "Labutenov" to "Timberland".
OK: What is it about a loved one, what would you put even a parent meeting with pleasure?
MR: Well ... some cap-pill. Vivienne Westwood - I have such a dress ... ... with a booty invoice in the box ..
OK: Yes, the parents' meeting would have looked great!
MR:   And what? by the way ... very Thalia bill f @ na ... very image, a Victorian ... ... kosher vegetarian! All strictly, everything is closed.
On a rocket:
Shoes "MoMA" - Italian shoes. "In Moscow, I do not buy them, here they are obscenely expensive. And buy the same blessed Lithuania"
Jacket "Kookai". "This is the company - which we have in Moscow went bankrupt. Here, we have these things cost inadequately expensive"
Trousers "F5". "Buy in store Surname. I do not want to advertise this wonderful store, but lately I've bought a lot of things there. So, you do not go there, good things do not happen much, especially in such strange places. And the prices are more than adequate . Even amazing! "
Belt "Ibid. Wallowing in a pile, where all 400"
Jacket "Zara". "Children's Department, 13-15 years"
Hat "Merci". "My favorite French company, which is not represented in Moscow in any way"
Scarf "Cashmere. Bought Sveta Tegin"