Ubiquitous Cara Delevingne

Not a day goes by that ubiquitous Cara Delevingne not remind the public about the person. She appeared in films, writes songs, working as editor of a fashion magazine, participates in the endless parties - and, seemingly as an afterthought, recalls that the main kind deyatelnosi it still is the business model.
Thus, the 22-year-old Briton has once again become the face of the brand Topshop. Autumn was released Topshop Christmas campaign with Cara. At this time, the model appeared in advertising spring-summer collection of the brand.
The author of the photo shoot, which Delevin shows images of hippies of the 1960s, made Alasdir McLean and development addressed as creative director of Topshop Kate Phelan. The photos were taken in a simple minimalist style: Delevin posing on a white background, introducing new items Topshop. Also, the audience was presented with a video filming, in which Kara appears so, what are all used to see her - reckless and not so serious as in the promotional photo.