giorgio grati abbigliamento.

How often do you see people on the street, in which the same clothes as you? Many, and including me, this situation causes discomfort. It feels as if you stole individuality. I think that the only way to avoid it - to buy clothes less well known or very expensive brands. I would like to present an overview of some of the brands that can come up and under the first paragraph of (not very expensive and quite rare) and a second (very expensive and very rare).
Giorgio Grati
Brand is not for the thin wallet (if there is, of course, a platinum credit card). However, it is worth noting that the price matches the quality and collection produced some interesting, unusual. Mark is more suitable for the age group 25+
And here is an excerpt from the release of the latest collection:
Autumn-Winter Collection «Meet In Central Park»
It was inspired by New York designer Marc Giorgio Grati to create a new collection themes «Meet In Central Park». New York - the city dynamics and contrast, which intertwine different: culture and traditions, shapes and colors. Key themes of this collection reflect the full color life of this metropolis. Cropped jackets, elegant dresses, capes and coats of various silhouettes - can be combined in different variations, creating a personal style. Attention to detail: from the exquisite embroidery hand-to-date details and leather inserts. The new collection is special not only new forms and color palette, but also a choice of modern and high quality materials.
This brand is the quality level of Zara and Top shop, but pricing is much lower. More suitable for those who love often change clothes and do not want to spend a lot of money. Designed a collection for the youth. Also you can find everywhere.
Excerpt from the release:
The new collection Autumn-Winter 2014/15 Brand Pezzo produced a variety of feminine images for casual-cool weather: form-fitting down jackets with unusual graphics, skirts, blouses and trousers classic style, tight dress in viscose with geometric prints, boucle jackets and skirts, form-fitting shirt
with an unusual oriental graphics.
Men's new line of autumn-winter collection includes: classic English coat, pullovers and sweaters of wool, high quality shirts, casual-practical cardigans, light and insulated down jackets.
These are clothes for young people who can not sit still. Italian brand, the quality is very good, the price is average. There are some very interesting things!
Excerpt from the release:
The new autumn collection 2014 exclusive brand Sai-Ku introduced a line of warm clothing-casual: practical jackets and coats; knitted fleece jackets and pullovers; original longslivy, goes well with jeans and sweaters with elegant graphics; designer skirts, pants and jackets basic colors.